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A magic university student uncovers secrets, powers, and romance alongside three formidable classmates.


After graduating valedictorian from your high school, you were recruited by your uncle, President of the prestigious Astora University, to unlock your latent magic powers—on a generous scholarship, too! Looking to reach your full potential, how could you turn it down? But stellar grades can’t save your struggle to control your explosive magics! Your bizarre and dangerous incidents have caught the interest of powerful class idols: a fiery enforcer, an icy genius, and a shady trickster.




Adriel is the heir to a long line of magic nobility. He's cold and distant, but his icy demeanor hides a lonely heart. He does not warm to anyone because he does not feel emotions, but maybe someone gentle and patient can rekindle his inner flame.


Solis is a troublemaker with a mysterious past. Between his chaotic actions and irresistible smile, Solis has created quite a reputation for himself on campus. Not that he minds, of course.


Cinna is your kind-hearted and cheerful roommate—and fiercely loyal to those she cares about. Thankfully no one's had to experience her temper. Yet.


Diverse Game Developers Prototype Fund 2021 Award Recipient

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